New Facebook button to post from any page

//New Facebook button to post from any page

New Facebook button to post from any page

Facebook It is testing a new button to improve the speed with which the states are published in the social network. This button appears in the top right of the screen and allows the user to publish content directly from any page on this popular network. Operation and has a very similar concept to the button to write a new tweet that we find in the social network Twitter. Precisely, Zuckerberg's company seems to be thinking about implementing various features taken from its rival, such as a service to use popular hashtags on Facebook.

The service created by Mark Zuckerberg already has more than 1.000 million users, but that does not mean the company moving forward to improve its service and maintain his leadership of the social field. As it published in Mashable, Facebook have begun testing a new button (through a small number of users). This button is placed on the top right of the screen next to the user name. The appearance of this button is very similar to the button you created Twitter to write a new tweet. The advantage of this is that button is present on any page you visit social network, whether an event, the wall of a friend or a business page.

When the user presses this button, A popup window appears with a white box (similar to that found when writing a status update on our wall) where we can write our reaction. This window also provides the option of incorporating our updating a photo or video and set the privacy level for this publication. We can choose to make public our state for any user on the network can read or restrict it so that only they can access our contacts.

Facebook Boton Mashable

For now it is unclear whether the company will extend the use of this button globally or whether it is a proof. In recent weeks there have been various proposals Facebook to improve site functionality. For example, is working to implement a search system through hashtags (Popular terms) very similar to that found in Twitter. Another change that already appear in the social network is the ability to adding a weather forecast in the pages of events, for users who will attend to know how long it will.

Another change is due to a better management of comments on Facebook pages, to reading more comfortable and easy. Anyway, the arrival of a button to publish a state in any part of the social network would be a marked improvement in the speed with which it operates with the network, but you are missing the greater differentiation button Twitter. We will have to wait a few weeks to see if the company Zuckerberg decided to expand the new button all the social network.

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